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The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) (HR3685)is a law that Nancy Pelosi passed to appease her terrorist overlords. It gives special rights to homos, or, as they are referred to in the law itself, "Nancy's Girls".


Hidden in the language of the law is the real intent!

The law claims to:

  • prohibits employment of discrimination on basis of sexual orientation
  • provisions do not apply to religious organizations or the military
  • establishes procedures

Truthiness Hiding Between The Lies!Edit

unfunded mandates encouraging litigation newly created class of protected individuals

prefer sex over religion

violate personal convictions

undermine institution of marriage, a key institution in our culture

activist judges building block to put same sex marriage on states

deliberately creates Constitutional crisis

Christian Bookstores

Americans Who Spoke Out Against ItEdit

Prisoners Of Liberal Rainbow WarriorsEdit

(Supporting) Mark Steven Kirk (!?)

(Supporting) Deborah Pryce (!?)

Oh No!
Employment Non-Discrimination Act
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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