They do, they really, really do...just don't point it out to them, you'll make them cry. But, don't ignore them, that will also make them cry.


1. Emotional teens, who normally wear black, band March and cover their eyes with hair.

2. A sub genre of rock

Identifying the Emu Edit

Identifying Emus from normal Goths can be tricky, but without trying to offend the dangerous species, here are the typical key features of an Emu. Also known scientifically as Slitticus Wristicus or Emutionallis Expressionallis;

They may easily be distinguished by their near complete lack of a smile. Emus are extremely fierce.

They may mention how much they love their friends (because that's their only remaining important possession) frequently.

Even though every human cries, Emus have a genetic mutation involving being born with enlarged and frail tear ducts, so they cry more than usual.

They may have some sort of unslightly scar, cut, gauze, graze, bruise, or metal object engraved on a particular part of their skin.

They sometimes nearly never write songs or poetry.

They just about always have a strand of hair floating in front of their face.

Not just black, but Emus may be wearing stripey clothing:

  • Black and Red
  • Black and Green
  • Black and Pink (most common), or
  • Black and Purple.

Sometimes they wear Tan Windbreakers.

They may like normal good heavy metal music but they usually prefer bands such as Green day, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu, or Bullet For my Valentine. When it comes to socializing, Emus usually hang in packs of their own species, because they may have been ditched by normal people.

And the worst one possible, but again, one of the most distinguishable features; Nearly every Emu is, has, or as at least once admitted to being Bi-Sexual. And may practice mock sex out in public, in groups.

But Hell, I ain't saying that emu Bi-sexuals are a bad thing.........................

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