Elizabeth Kucinich
has bad teeth and a funny accent because she is British.
Elizabeth Kucinich
Was an Uber Hottie but has committed an act of Hottie Treason!
She has angered Stephen Colbert and made The Baby Jesus cry.
She is banished to Hell to be Martha Stewart's hand maiden.


Do not let the beauty of this green-eyed siren fool you, for her soul (if she still has one) is as black as coal.


Here the succubus is seen with her prey, who is seemingly unaware of the the daemon feeding on his life force.

Elizabeth Kucinich is a Succubus who is the wife of the luckiest bastard alive, Dennis Kucinich This particular demon is easily identifiable by her fiery red hair, followed by the foul stench of liberalism.

Like all succubi, she is very beautiful and evil creature, and her beauty is only exceeded by her evil.

It is very important that one keep a safe distance from this vile temptation of the flesh. For if you were to catch more than a glimpse of this harpy, it would be far too late. She would recruit you into her flock of hellish minions, and soon you would be feeding the poor, cleaning a city park, or some other satanic ritual.


Do NOT look into her eyes!


Stop looking at the pictures of this fiendish vixen like that!!! The Baby Jesus would not approve.

Elizabeth Kucinich FactoidsEdit

  • Elizabeth Kucinich is actually much older than her husband/prey Dennis Kucinich.
  • She maintains her visage of youth and beauty, by dining on the soul of her husband.
  • Confirmed shape-shifter.
  • Maiden name is "Bathory".1

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