We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!
We've got spirit, how 'bout
Electoral College!?!

The Electoral College, also known as the Electoral Dubbing University or simply Elect Dub U, is an educational establishment which focuses on Presidential election analysis, basketball and liquor brewing.

Animal HouseEdit

It is known as being the most partying, hardcore school in the nation. It is also where George W. Bush went to school and where Al Gore got schooled. The Electoral College begged Stephen Colbert to attend. But instead he chose to grace Northwestern University and Knox College with his presence.

99% of alumni hold degrees in Underwater Basket Weaving, which makes them fully capable of leading first-world countries and choking on various bite sized snack foods.

Courses Offered at Electoral CollegeEdit

  • Separation Of Powers 203
  • Going Against The Popular Vote 101
  • Beer Bong Chugging 405
  • The National Guard & You
  • Dodging the Draft 201
  • Daddy is Well Connected, so I can be Incompetent 420

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