The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is a bipartisan federal agency that conducts research into elections.

Created by a 2002 Congressional pork orgy, the EAC is a small agency with a big job.

The four members are appointed by the president and serve at His pleasure, except when one leaves and is not replaced.

Other tasks include oversight of all that technical stuff inside the voting machines, so long as they don't infringe on anyone's copyright.

The EAC also advises policy makers on the implementation of the Help America Vote Act, to help America vote.

What Does The EAC Do?Edit

  • study election-related issues, such as voter fraud (but not election fraud)
  • release or suppress reports

What Is Voter Fraud?Edit

  • people misrepresenting themselves at the polls or improperly attempting to register voters
  • intimidation, which Democrats see as a more pervasive problem.

The EAC has played a significant role in the current Congressional investigation into the Bush administration’s firing of eight United States attorneys, several of whom, documents now indicate, were dismissed for being insufficiently aggressive in pursuing voter fraud cases.

Liberals Politicize AgencyEdit

When not creating redundant departments, liberals are devising ways to duplicate work in multiple government agencies. In addition to the typical liberal bureaucracy, liberals go looking for controversies when there are none, so that they may add another layer of bloat to an already wasteful over-sized federal government.

The EAC found itself in the sights of the bloated government loving liberals.

Liberals began their attack on the EAC when an obscure report issued by the commission in 2007 disagreed with their already confirmed bias about the pervasiveness of fraud.

The liberals claimed the numbers clearly showed fraud existed, Americans knew the numbers merely showed that the existence of fraud was open to debate.

Furthermore, the liberals claim the report was altered to bolster solutions they don't agree with, like implementing national voter identification laws and ignoring complaints they're always bitching about like voter intimidation, which only happens in the movies, or Kanye West videos.

Americans Respond To Liberal WhiningEdit

Americans had to respond, even though it was only liberals repeating the same old complaints about voting:

Would no Real American defend reasonable voter fraud laws?

The Greatest Presidential Advisor Ever, Karl Rove, instinctively felt the threat of " election integrity issues".

“I mean, it’s a real problem[1].”

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