An "election" is a ritual described in Homer's "Odyssey".

The ritual described details how the Greeks built a device (a "Trojan Horse") to sneak past an impenetrable (and heretofore reliable) security system with the intention of altering the well-being of the sleeping Trojan populace.

The RitualEdit

Step 1Edit

Create and Fund Discussion Groups for the Purpose of Thinking
The Greeks spent alot of their time thinking. Eventually, Greeks formed groups to discuss issues of the day. These groups were well-funded and thought about issues important to their patrons. Soon, their discussions were open to the public. The groups were behind many of the most revolutionary ideas of their time.

Step 2Edit

Control the media
The Greeks placed operatives in the Trojan Town-Crier Networks. To insure the success of their infiltrators, the Greeks bought all Town-Crier hats and bells, thus preventing anyone else from having access to existing Town-Crier technology. In addition, the Greeks purchased the many daily and weekly scrolls.

With all Trojan communications under Greek control, the Greeks pushed the ideas created by the groups discussed in "Step 1".

Step 3Edit

Control the Market
When the market is up, investors make money, when it is down, investors make money, as long as they invest in the right kids of stocks.

Most importantly, when the market is under control, the people are under control.

Step 4Edit

Control the Lawmakers

Step 5Edit

Control the Courts

Step 6Edit

Create Never-ending War

Step 7Edit

Insure Continued Control or "Release the Horse"

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