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El Pais
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

El País ("The Pies"Episode #316) is a Spanish newspaper based in Europe's Mexico.

It covers all the world's news in Mexican with a European flair (all the chicks in the ads are topless)

Early in his career, Esteban Colberto worked as a copy boy, or El Copie Muchacho for The Pies.

The only "news" published in this el rag-o hurts America by helping the terrorists. El Pais revealed that The Greatest President Ever called a secret meeting with Spain's Tony Blair, Prime Minister Anzar, in which he told "Brown Tony":

"We'll be in Baghdad by the end of March"[1]

Zapatas, Shoes, WhateverEdit

In an interview with El Maverickoso Más Grande Nunca, they tried to trick him the same way Charles Gibson tried to trick Sarah Palin. But, El Maverickoso wasn't going to fall for any of their tricks.

He forcefully replied, several times for emphasis,

“I can assure to Him that I will establish closer relations with our friendly and will plant face whoever to damage to the United States”[1]

Esteban Colberto is rumored to be joining the Maverick's campaign to help with all the requests for more interviews!


  1. Disappeared Washington Post Link or forever link

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