El Diablo (country)
is something African and thus may or may not be real,
not to pretend that you really care either way. Come on - it's Africa.

El Diablo
Smile face devil
Capitol: Diablo City
Official Flower: Oil
Official Language: Colbertican
Official Bird: Oil
Motto: Long Live President Colbert!
Common Name: Best Dictatorial Regime in Africa
President for Life: Stephen Colbert
Official Anthem: Oil!
Population: More than Africa
Currency: Colbert Bucks
Principal imports: American Dollars
Principal exports: Oil
Principal industries: Oil, Oil, Oil, and Civil War.
Fun Fact # 1: They have oil.

El Diablo is a country in Africa, it is rich in oil and is waiting for Exxon Mobile to exploit their rich resources.


President for LifeEdit


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