Hey, where the hell is
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!
Egypt has the Arab Spring Fever!
Quick, get the stereo
and set the cars on fire!

Egypt’s new location

Egypt has pyramids in it, which were placed there by John Adams, creator of the American dollar bill. The rest of Egypt is really boring except for the American-designed, Egyptian-built pyramids. America makes everything better, including the population of elephants, which in recent years has exploded.

Egypt is NOT in Africa. Africa is kind of a sketchy concept; Egypt, however, is real. It is located in the Middle East.

Egypt is the only country in the middle east entirely populated by Persians, who are inturn ancestors of oil tycoons from the dark (oily) ages.

Egypt TodayEdit


Silly Egyptians, you cant get a Democracy with revolts

Pardon the dust, but Egypt seems to be under construction at the moment. As an ally on the war on terror we hope their Egyptian dictator leader can solve their issues soon.

In 2011, influenced by America's tea bagging traditions, Egyptians protested Mubarak's regime.

Mubarak responded by giving people free camel rides.


Sadly, Mr. Mubarak has declared that he would like to spend more time oppressing his family so he is going to retire. Luckily Mubarak has a good retirement package (mandatory on this line of service) and he will receive a golden parachute. He will probably do a little travel and see the world (except America). And then spend the rest of his life in the island of Elba

As for the fate of Egypt, has scientific evidence that mooslims are incapable of self-governance and the idea of spreading Democracy on Egypt is a feverish and foolish dream... What kind of a moron believes that?


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Egyptians are going to party like it's 1999 BC

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