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Efraim Diveroli
is righteous and true
God Bless America
I am Efraim Diveroli and my lawyer swears I'm not a

Efraim Diveroli is just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, dude about town.

Efraim for the moment is basically just working and chilling with his boyz . He is single and has his own MySpace page.

He is actively seeking a girl who is more loyal to him than, say, his dog.

And of course, he is a super sexy guy and a Saggitarius!

Efraim's business acumen has been richly rewarded. As president of Miami's premiere masseuse company, AEY, Efraim has caught the attention of the Army!

Efraim hasn't let a federal indictment and possible 510-year prison term dampen his entrepreneurial spirit. While awaiting trial, he's selling heavy-caliber ammo through a shell company.

He is a tribute to his generation!

You go, Efraim!

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