I am Edward Maurice Hopkins and my lawyer swears I'm not a
Edward Maurice Hopkins
is one happenin' Jewish cat!
Shalom, baby!


I'm not being uppity, madame, I'm looking down your daughter's dress!

Edward Maurice "Reece" Hopkins was a talk radio host in one of the gayest places in the world, Taxachusetts! No one could ever have predicted that a man of his attractiveness could achieve the level of success that he has in this frighteningly liberal bastion, thus earning him the title of "The Crossover Negro".

Going Where No Man Has Gone BeforeEdit

In addition to his fearlessness when choosing which town to work in and live in, Reece is just as courageous when it comes to love.

Reece believes that we must protect our children against gays by teaching them about heterosexual love from a young age.

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Gay people are so gay.
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~ Reece Hopkins, The Crossover Negro

This high standard also reflects Reece's choices when it comes to which of the ladies he will consent to have sex with.

Rapping On Radio!Edit

Reece began his career on radio in another bastion of liberalism, New York City. It was here that Reece's articulateness garnered him his first unimaginable success. The mayor even declared a "Crossover Negro" Day in his honor.

Having straightened out New York like one of their signature skyscrapers, Reece decided that his work was done there and needed a new challenge. He chose Taxachusetts after a law allowing men to marry dogs was passed.

Reece knew he had to go and give Beantown a little taste of his special brand of African-American-Jewish-Crossoverness.

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Watch out gays, Reece is comin'!
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~ The Crossover Negro

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