Ed Viesturs
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


The absence of a tie lets you know he's an outdoorsman.

Ed Viesturs is a highly respected climber, mountaineer and filmmaker. In 2005, Ed summitted Annapurna, becoming the 12th person overall to summit all fourteen of the world's mountains over 8000 meters, and the first United States climber to complete that feat. He did all 14 peaks without supplemental oxygen. He did puss out and wear winter gear though.

Stephen interviewed him on the March 14, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report. Why? Because he was there. Stephen scaled The Eagle's Nest without oxygen to sit down with Ed.

Ed promised that if he ever attempts Everest again, he'll plant a Colbert Report flag on the summit.

Books WrittenEdit

Peaks ClimbedEdit

  • Mount Everest (six times)
  • Lhotse
  • Cho Oyu
  • K2
  • Mount Colbert (attempted on March 14, 2007; defeated by the icy truth at the summit)

Digits Lost?Edit


Flag PlantedEdit


July 2, 2009 NailingEdit

  • mountain climber who has climbed 14 of the world's highest peaks
    • tonight: Mount Me!
  • all over 26,000 feet
    • took 18 years
  • he got as close as 300 feet to the peak of Everest without going all the way
  • he is anti-sea-levelist
  • beautiful
  • fewer people
  • intriguing
  • has climbed Mt. Everest 7 times
    • 10 times and the 11th is free
  • can stay at the top 3 minutes to 1 hour
  • can get crowded
    • sometimes there can be 80 people
  • the top of Everest is about as big as The Colbert Report table
  • there may be a Cinnabon on Everest
  • the Colbert Nation Flag reached the summit of Everest
    • it was like Stephen went there too!
  • without oxygen one is slower physically and mentally
  • never earned anything less or deserved more than having The Colbert Nation flag planted at the peak of Everest

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