Ed Colbert
is a proud member
of Stephen Colbert's family!
Ed Colbert
happily perform(s) any menial task
where ever and whenever Dr. Colbert says, without question.

Dr. Colbert (center) discusses issues of great import with some liberal elitist (left) and his brother Ed (right).


Dr. Colbert's older, yet less famous brother, Ed.

Ed Colbert is a lawyer with Kenyon & Kenyon, LLP, who is also The Report's resident copyright lawyerEpisode #515.

He appeared on the February 12, 2009 episode of "The Colbert Report" to help resolve the problem of who owns the image of President Hussein Obama used in a poster by Shepard Fairey, but photographed by Manny Garcie, who was working as an employee for the Associated Press.

The Question At HandEdit

The Poster At The Center Of The ConflictEdit

The Corporation Who Paid For The PhotographEdit

The Photographer Who Took The PictureEdit

The "Artist" Who "Adapted" ItEdit

The VerdictEdit

Ed was convincing in his conclusion that the only way to resolve the issue was to figure out who paid him to argue in their favor.

In the end, Ed sided with Fairey, but was not clear as to why exactly.

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