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The economy is the pulse of the Nation, Amen. However, despite its name, the Economy is not at all economical. It should be revised into the The Ecomony in order to prevent confusion and maybe save a few bucks in the process.

How the economy does is a reflection of how well the country is doing. The Stock Market is one of the ways to measure the economy.

Some things help the economy; some things hurt the economy.

This article will attempt to explain what an economy is and what factors can help or hurt it.

Factors That Influence The EconomyEdit

The Unseen Hand of The MarketEdit


Capitalism is God’s religion and doesn’t conflict with Christianity

Or "America's Holy Spirit", "The Unseen Hand" is a fancy way of saying no one can control or know what the market does what it does. The great prophet of economics, Adam Smith, once wrote that "The Unseen Hand does whatever it wants, but it generally tries to rid the world of liberals."

Tax CutsEdit

The economy only works when enough people get tax cuts. These people will actually spend their money, as opposed to the rest of the nation, which would put it in "Investment Accounts". Without tax cuts, the market falters and sputters like an SUV running low on gas, speaking of which...

Corporate RobustnessEdit


The Economy keeps your seven houses warm and big!

When corporations are buzzing, so goes the economy. And the only real way to measure the success of corporations is by comparing the ratio between the wages of the CEO and the average employee. When the ratio is higher, the more successful a corporation is.


Nothing boosts an economy like a good old-fashioned war. A war saved liberal FDR from the Great Depression, but we can't give him too much credit...

No one wants a war, but sometimes you can't choose the war, the war chooses you. And someone has to have the money to fight it, the military can't do it alone, have you seen the recruitment levels these days?

We have to fight them there, so we don't fight them here. And that costs money.

Proximity to an electionEdit

The closer to an election, the better the economy gets. No one know how this happens, but it does, just ask any Republican.

The FundamentalsEdit

  • there are many
  • they are strong[1]
  • Texas is recession foolproof

How The Economy Works!Edit

Lewd American mutants: Get a Cracker with a Eurowhore in a room and watch them multiply!

How Gays Threaten America's EconomyEdit

How Anti-slavery Hurts Small BusinessEdit

How the Poor and Welfare Queens are Hurting America's EconomyEdit

How Minimum Wage Destroys America's EconomyEdit

How Greed is Good for America's Economy!Edit

The captalistic system in based on consumption. The more intense the consumption is, the more money there will be to trickle down to the poor, workng class. In order for the individual consumer to keep up a high level of consumption, there is a need for accumulation of wealth. In accordance with this, greed, or the desire to get a much capital as possible, is a characteristic that not only sustains the system, but also bring less fortunate (lazy) people out of poverty. The more goods consumed, the more money there is to trickle down, enabling people to consume even more. Accusations that the system in itself is creating poverty is incorrect, since those who stay poor are the lazy groups who, by choice, arent contributing to the system by participating in it. Such individuals don't enjoy the rewards that come to those who are independent and smart enough to avoid the broken, over - idealistic idiocy that is communism.

How to Give Mud People Ghetto Loans and Make a Fortune!Edit

Mud People are not good with moneyEdit


Austerity is the action of cutting entitlement programs that are causing harm to the Free Market. Only by eliminating programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other libural programs we can restore our economy.

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