"Eco Fag"
is hippie-related, and not groovy to The Baby Jesus.

Eco Fag
is evil and impure.
The Baby Satan and The Baby Muhammed feed on this stuff!

Eco Fag
makes The Baby Jesus and America cry,
and should be treated with caution contempt!


Eco-Fag brandishes a protest sign made from the side of his house.

Eco-Fag eee-KO fag (n.) From: Ecolonology the introspective study of one's own fecal matter + Fag a nasty British cigarette/ First appeared in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco circa 1968. Pl. eco-fags SYN. Tree Hugger

  1. A hippie who elevates a weed or rodent over a human.

Eco-fags are close cousins to Hippies and the descendants of Liberals and Bears. They are dirty, foul smelling troublemakers prone to destructive acts of Environmentalist Terrorism. Spiking trees, blowing up SUV Dealerships, releasing AIDS infected Godless Killing Machines from test labs and the like. They would have us all living in squalor and eating bark.

They are Traitors, Unamerican and the mortal enemies of Stephen Colbert. It is the duty of every Real American to kill re-educate every last one of them.

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Eco-Fags demonstrate how we will all be living after Obamanomics

"Eco Fag"
is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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