Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Eco-terrorists-nejad is a terrorist.

When Al Gore wants to make people believe in his cult of global warming, he contacts his army of eco-terrorists to do his evil bidding.

In May, 2007 during a press conference in the Rose Garden, The Greatest President Ever was shat upon by an unidentified bird, which quickly left the scene of the crime. FBI agents surrounded the area, but were unable to capture the suspect. All birds known to have been in a 5 block radius were disposed of in accordance with the PATRIOT Act.

Some people believe that bird is a member of Al Gore's army of eco-terrorists.

As Patriotic Americans, the heroes are asked to contribute to this page by listing either potential eco-terrorists, or attacks perpetrated by eco-terrorists.

Eco-terrorists To Watch For And WhyEdit

  • Moose, because they are Canadian and often slip past our border

Eco-terrorists In The NewsEdit

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