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The 2007 Eat Red Meat Day logo.

Eat Red Meat Day is a carnivore holiday celebrated on November 1, 2007, a day chosen out of spite to challenge the communist World Vegan Day.

Eat Red Meat Day is a celebration of the joy of eating red meat, the most American food, and the right and ability to do so. Participants celebrating Eat Red Meat Day are encouraged to have at least one meal that includes red meat, (preferably 7-Meat Chili) but including red meat in all meals that day is preferable.

Red Meat Edit



Chalupa meat

Chalupa meat

Red meat, while sometimes used to mean "beef," refers to beef, lamb, venison, bison, chalupa meat and any other meat that is red before cooking, which typically comes from delicious mammals.

White Meat Edit

White meat is frowned upon on Eat Red Meat Day for obvious reasons.

Vegetables Edit

No vegetables

Say no to vegetables.

In any given meal on Eat Red Meat Day consumption of vegetables expressly forbidden, with the exception of potatoes (maybe baked, maybe freedom fries).

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