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LeftCherubLeftCherubThey that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall walk, and not run, for they may trip and hurt thyselves.RightCherubRightCherub
~ The Holy Bible, Isaiah 40:31
Nazi Eagle

The mascot of the Eagle Forum University is the Eagle, similar to the one seen here (without the swastika of course). Students are required to where a golden eagle lapel pin next to their American Flag pin


The Eagle Forum University is an online University dedicated to providing conservative, Christian coursework as an alternative to the liberal institutions of higher education prevalent in the United States.

The University offers many courses, such as American Government 101, American History 101, Global Warming Controversies, and Evolution Fallacies, each of which use Conservapedia as their textbook. Registration for classes is free.

Some things you may learn at Truthiness UniversityEdit

American History 101Edit

  • Why did the settlers come to America?
Search for gold. Convert the natives to Christianity. Conquer the natives. Obtain freedom. Why do your parents homeschool? For some of the same reasons. Go there for the same reason people climb a mountain: because it is there! Escape where you are. Set up a special religious community. Meet new people and make new friends. Trade goods with the people. Learn from the people. Have adventures and then write about them.

Evolution and PoliticsEdit

  • Note that while evolution theory is largely non-falsifiable, many statements associated with religion are more scientific than evolution. For example, the statement that “Jesus rose from the dead” is potentially falsifiable, because if it were untrue then His deceased body might be found. That the body could be found if the statement were false, and yet has not been found, reinforces the validity of the statement. Many religious claims are more scientific than the theory of evolution is.
Despite what you may have heard
Eagle Forum University
Is totally not racist!

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