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Do you want this asshole pumping your gas? No! I didn't think so.

E85 is a mixture of creamed corn and gasoline. It is an alternative fuel that is used by liberals and their Communist vehicles in California. Hummers do not run on creamed corn, therefore Americans don't need it.

Making E85Edit

To make a 100 gallon batch of e85 ethanol, you will need:

  • 100 gallons of non-American gasoline
  • 85 gallons of creamed corn
  • 1.5 tons of American Flags
  • 2 baby fetuses
First you will need to burn away 85 gallons of the 100 gallons of gasoline to make way for the creamed corn. This is done by dousing the 1.5 tons of American Flags and setting them ablaze. Once you have burned the flags you should have about 15 gallons of gasoline left. Simply mixing the creamed corn and gasoline will not work. They tend to separate like oil and water.
The creamed corn and gasoline must be heated for at least one fortnight. This is typically done by burning massive amounts of coal. Once the corn/gas mixture is ready, 2 baby fetuses packed full of stem cells are added. The stem cells combine the gas and corn mixture to create e85 ethanol.
  • the chemical formula of ethanol is:
  • COrn+mA*Gic=Ethanol

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