I pity the fool who don't edit the randomness out!

Josh purse medium
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.

A filthy race of people concentrated in the Nether Regions. In the fight to preserve racial purity, the Dutch will never be allowed! The Dutch people originated in India, when several religious leaders gathered to summon Satan. After the pentacle was drawn, the first Dutch baby rose out of the star. That is why to this day, we call the Dutch "Metal-Faced" for reasons unknown to but only the wisest philosophers. Go ride your bicycles.


The Dutch are very jealous of the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by the rest of the world, since they are still a totalitarian monarcy, and thus are out of touch with the Freedoms and Truth enjoyed by Americans. As such the Dutch population has become dark and envious of their freedom loving counterparts in the USA


The Dutch are terrible people who do nothing but eat cheese while wearing wooden clogs around their windmills. They're also known for eating their own skin, having gold genitals, and having German accents.

Dutch men are very greasy as a result of eating so much cheese. They are neither tall nor handsome. That is why they lost the FIFA World Cup in 2010.


NetherRegions flag

Hmm, vaguely familiar colors, don't you think?

The colors of the flag of the Nether Regions are red, white, and blue. Therefore, they are not only a filthy race, they are filthy copycatters!

Even if the picture on the top of the page say so, the dutch drive not on the wrong side of the road.

[^This was obviously written by a Dutch spy. Their English is as terrible as their body odor.]

The Dutch have a strong hatred of Nature, and plants in particular. This is particularly evident in their treatment of the Daffodil and the Tulip. These were once trees that blanketed Europe and prevented Global Warming. The Dutch so hated their green leaves and cool shade that they began to breed them with slime molds they found on the insides of their wooden shoes. This so mutated these once beautiful trees that they were reduced to the pitiful "flowers" we have today.

So not only are they the spawn of Satan himself, but they are also responsible for global warming, herpes, the Detroit Lions and of course, flatulence [see: Dutch Royalty].

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Goldmember 2650

Is from Holland, isn't that weird?

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