Baby Jesus
The Baby Jesus and The Baby Satan
are fighting over the very soul of
is a member of the Stemcellocracy.

What will we tell the blastocysts?

Thanks for trying Laura, but this is our greatest hope for a continuous line of succession of male Bush Presidents.

The dude-erus is the latest abomination from the Scientocracy. It is the ridiculous notion that medical science will one day allow transplantion of wombs into men. This will ultimately lead to a butt baby boom, as gays across the country race to be the first to have man-babies, despite their lack of manginas.

The only acceptable use for this kind of science is to save the millions of frozen tiny Americans who would otherwise be sacrificed to keep them from being used by the stemcellocracy. We would take these innocent heroes and place them inside the implanted wombs of patriotic Americans like Rick Santorum, Jim Talent and Mike DeWine so they could carried to full term, unleashing a wave of Republican children unsullied by the hovering presence of a mommy figure except during family photo ops for the press and Thanksgiving dinners.

If we can do this (and it is a moral imperative that we do) Stephen will be the first in line for a duderectomy. His first born will be named Colbert Colbert, or Co-Co for short.

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