I fear what I don't understand, and I don't understand this.
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Duck's have been known since the beginning of time, for being evil as herpies.


Applicants for the vaunted title of "Straggler a L’orange."

Ducks: Likes and Dislikes Edit

  • Ducks like Rain.
  • Ducks like to widdle-waddle in the rain.
  • Ducks like to be eaten.
  • Ducks like communism.
  • ducks like killing penguins

History of DucksEdit

The Beginning of TimeEdit

Ever since the first amoeba crawled out of the water and (became a fish monkey, which became a tree monkey, which became a Cro-Magnom man, which) became a fat, lazy, beer drinking man, the duck was always swimming in the water. Even when the comet hit the earth, killing all the dinosaurs, the ducks were always widdle-waddling in Puddles, and that's what saved them from the comet.

Noah's ArkEdit

The earth was flooded, because God was mad at people. Noah was an exception, and God told him to build and Ark. Two of each animal could come onboard. Except the duck. Ducks can swim.

Pearl HarbourEdit

Pearl Harbour was bombed. People died, people cried, and the ducks lived on.

The Bombing of HiroshimaEdit

Again, another, more deaths, more crying, some mutations... and yet, the ducks, were fine. Why? Because ducks, swim on water. Almost 24/7. So, you ask? They're better then that, and know better then to get mutated.

George Bush gets ElectedEdit

He wouldn't of gotten elected if they counted the votes of the ducks, which they didn't.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets ElectedEdit

Arnold was elected because of how much he loved ducks. That's the short end of the stick.

The War on IraqEdit

If ducks ruled America, there wouldn't be a war on Iraq, it would be world wide. Ducks, love bread crumbs.



Nate and DucksEdit

There is a great human being named Nathan Ferguson. He loves ducks. Even though, one of his closest friends, says that ducks are gay. Well, he said right to her face, "U R da homogay". That cleared up matters pretty well, and he continued to love ducks. He realizes that ducks have the full potential to rule the universe. But he knows, that they know that great power, means great responsibility. They choose not to use their great intellect, and continue to widdle-waddle in rain, instead of the ruling.


The ducks worst predator, is infact,Pengasauras a breed of penguin ! A large reptile, known for being lazy, yet powerful. pengasauras can only see things that are moving, which is perfect for ducks, because when ducks swim in small circles in those tiny puddles, the P-rex can actually see him, lean down, and eat him. This is a major problem, especially now-a-days, when ducks are starting to feel free to roam cities, making them easy targets for the T-Rex. Good thing ducks mate like rabbits, or there would be a problem of extinction.

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