Drunk Dialing (technological phenomenon)

  1. a phenomenon unique to the era of mobile and push-button, auto-dialing phones, whereby a person can operate a phone in any place and under any blood-alcohol level, such as unconscious and in a gutter. The person in question is even able to accidentally dial the device in question contacting anyone whose number has been pre-programmed into their phone. The recipient of such a call can then enjoy the sounds emanating from the caller's pocket.
  2. when the caller is drunk, but fully aware who he's calling. However, if he were sober, would regret making the call due to the circumstances between the two parties involved. These types of calls may be followed by a second call by the maker of the first to apologize for the initial call, or, by the recipient of the first caller's lawyer insisting no more calls be made to the party who received the initial call.

The Best Dial you Will Ever DrunkEdit

Canada's Phone Number (Dial now if you're drunk and/or sober!):

1-800-O-CANADA (1-800-622-6232)

Call them and pull the following prank call: YOU: Your cat is on my fence. CANADA: I don't have a cat. YOU: Well, I don't have a fence.

Then hang up. Let's get the entire nation prank calling Canada until it gets a cat!

"Drunk Dialing"
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