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If you work hard, you'll get ahead as a
Drug Dealers

1.) Those who sell, or deal, illegal drugs, such as:

  • Crack
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana,

2.) The name given to those who uphold the true American ideals, such as:

  • Freedom of Consumption
  • Freedom of Hallucination
  • Freedom of Drowning in Your Bathtub

Who Can Become A Drug Dealer?Edit

Anyone really,

What Education Does A Drug Dealer Need?Edit

Math and Knifing skills. Interpersonal skills&nbsp Observation skill

What Special Equipment Do Drug Dealers Need?Edit

For starters, Drugs, a cell phone, gold teeth, a very large watch, a GED, a donk, switch blade, about a thousand dollars to start. Get around a half pound (224grams) of drugs to sell, zip lock bags, and a scale.

Where Do Drug Dealers Work?Edit

They don't work, they deal. They deal in Public Parks, The back of High schools, street corners, and Stephen's house[1].

  1. Jose is not allowed in Stephen's property until he admits that he has been holding up the good stuff. Until then, Stephen is looking for a new dealer to be his Drug Dealer Friend.

How Much Money Do Drug Dealers Make?Edit

Depends how far up the chain you are, if you are selling a pound a day then your making around $1400 a day on average.

If your dealing "reg." prices normally fall around the following

$5 a gram $110 an ounce (28 grams) $1800 a pound (16 ounces, 453 grams)

however, prices may vary upon location and potency of drug.

External TubesEdit

  • Drug Dealers saves Global Economy Don't be fooled by this title heading.
  • This talks about how "drug money has saved banks in global crisis, claims UN Advisor" which is a lie. In fact, it was the banks which helped create the global economic crisis in the first place by basically keeping most of the world's wealth to themselves--hint: (the world's richest 2%). Prime Example, what Wall Street alone has done to the U.S.

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