Dr. Noelle Bush wrote a prescription for

There's plenty more where that came from...
is brought to you by Prescott Pharmaceuticals
"Prescott Pharmaceuticals: Good for what ails you. And in some cases, actually what ails you."
Drug for the treatment of disease


Drug is a medicine from Prescott Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of disease.

Active IngredientsEdit


Approved UsesEdit

Everything from erectile dysfunction to curing AIDS

Side EffectsEdit

Bloating, vaginal cramps, elongated intestinal syndrom, flared nostrils, tooth decay, blindness, balding, testicular cancer, turning gay, depression, Aspergers Syndrome, alcoholism, heart attack, weight gain, joint pain, memory loss, razor burn, suicide, white flight, fatigue, skull defects, herpes, bi-polar disorder, loss of limbs, acne, xenophobia, restless torso syndrom, rage, pregnancy, chronic regional pain syndrome, and Irish potato famines.

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External TubesEdit

Dr. Stephen Shock Asylum7
After a cursory review, the doctor recommends Drug undergo drastic invasive surgery and perhaps a few more medicines.

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