Dr. Larry W. Poland, PhD
is an American Man of God!!!

Don't forget Poland.

Dr. Larry W. Poland is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Mastermedia International and is the man who personally notified Stephen Colbert via form letter that he had been included on a list of "The 365 Most Powerful People in Media."

Stephen now has his own Day of Prayer thanks to Dr. Poland.


  • 2084
Synopsis: What would it be like to be suddenly dropped into the millennial reign of Christ on earth in a mighty experiment for mortals our age? In this imaginative novel three people from our generation are transported to the year 2084, when earth has survived the torment of the Great Tribulation to bask in the recreated Eden. For Karae, Won Kim, and Mac it becomes an adventure in which they are played against the spiritual guidance of godly Jireh Ben-David, Kingdom governor and Zadock III Serpent General of the World of Imprisoned Spirits. Which kingdom will the three choose? (Temporarily out of print)
  • The Last Temptation of Hollywood (1988)


  • Defending Yourself Against Media's Evil Influences (1996)

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