Doug Bailey
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


Doug Bailey, saved as a child from a frozen lake by his big brother George.

Doug Bailey is the founder of the Unity '08 party. He was Stephen's guest on the June 28, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report.


Brought a piece of foamcore

Centrists are pussies who won't take a position on anything

Unity '08 Party has no face, and what wil happen in '09?

Party Ticket:

  • President - Dr. Who
  • Vice-President - Chewbacca

Stephen was flattered at Bailey's offer to run for President

Bailey claims the people ought to decide who runs for President

He then said that Abraham Lincoln had single-handedly destroyed all the Whigs in 1860. So why is William Shatner still wearing his?


brought a prop (he said, "Other people bring books, I brought a website")

calls unity '08 a centrist party (but really an matter-anti-matter party)

which means they are too pussified to take a stand

wants people to agree on too many things

his party proves that both parties suck

anyone can join, but no one is representative of it (maybe there aren't anyone in)

encourages Republican Lites

trying to ride Dr. Colbert's coattails

he does not have Dr. Colbert's permission to do so

wants brokaw to run

he is really an attention whore

whig is a made up name

won't draft lieberman


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