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Double Thinker
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What is a Double Thinker?Edit

A double thinker is someone who can start, follow, and end a train of thought(aware or unaware) while concentrating on a separate and unrelated task or idea. Although a double thinker may be prompted by an external source to being a separate thought thread, this is not a requirement.

Characteristics of a Double ThinkerEdit

One of the key characteristics of a double thinker is someone who often will blurb out a non sequitur while still maintaining the current subject of the conversation directly afterwards. They will often appear to be slow thinkers in conversation, this can be attributed to Confirmation bias. What is actually happening is that conversation topics that are quickly dropped, for any number of reasons, remain active in a double thinker, and may be finally drawn out later while still contributing in the meantime. However, this must not be confused with true slow thinkers whom will remain in a single thought, not contributing anything new until they are finished with their current thought.

Double thinkers will often come up with answers to simple math problems without thinking consciously about the problem. This should not be confused with those who can preform very fast mathematical computations. It is not about speed, rather about being able to continue with that a person is doing, and some time later (a may be short) be able to have the correct solution.

Although a double thinker may be strictly unaware of what he/she does, it is not a classification of a double thinker. One may be sometimes aware of it, and be able to control it and yet at other times this same person will not be able to realize he/she is double thinking.

How Double Thinkers Hurt The Baby JesusEdit

Famous Double ThinkersEdit

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