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¡Cómo muy afortunado para tú, porque tú está aquí!
Al Franken
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"Dora The Explorer"
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The biggest threat to America's Borders: nosey Mexican children who cross the border...but not to work! PS notice the Pregnant belly?

Dora Marquez Veracruz de la Jolla Cardinal is an illegal alien is a Mexican 4 year old who likes to explore America, even though she is an illegal immigrant for her race and age! She is an evil little kid who is trying to invade California, Arizona, and New Mexico! Mexican liberals put the little b!tch on TV to hypnotize American little girls ages 1 to 5! No wonder Arizona has a law about illegal immigrants! If they didnt, we would panic and move to Canada, I mean, we could kill the bears and liberals, can we?

Places Dora Has ExploredEdit

  • some random jungle (you've seen one jungle, you've seen them all)
  • mountains
  • rivers
  • other assorted "natural" settings that any child can see in just one a trip to DisneyWorld.
  • Visit DisneyWorld, Florida needs your patronage.
  • Seriously.
  • Please visit Florida.
  • We're begging you.
  • We are so desperate for tourists, we coerced the Reno 911! cast to make a movie here, despite the name of the show containing the name of a city nowhere near Florida.
  • Oh, dear god, please visit Florida!
  • If you do not visit Florida, you are helping the terrorists.
  • DisneyWorld is a trademark of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. © Disney. All rights reserved. © 2003 Walt Disney Internet Group. All rights reserved.

Places Dora Has Yet to ExploreEdit

  • Gitmo
  • the want ads in her own country
  • orchards in California on her hands and knees!
  • Montana, where she will get eaten by bears. This might give bears a positive reputation, and might make God forgive the bears and forgive Canada!

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