We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!
We've got spirit, how 'bout
Dodge Ball!?!

Dodge Ball is a sport of Champions, where one side squares off against another, punishing adversaries with rock solid hits in the face, groin and face.

Dodge Ball In Schools Edit

Dodge Ball has taken a bruising over the last few years. This sport has been pinned down by liberals as promoting bad values for children. They seem to think that learning teamwork is more important than not getting hit with a big red utility ball. Well, lemme tell you something! Teamwork is just a French word for Communism. Life in a free market economy is all about protecting numero uno. Dodge Ball supports our great nation's efforts to build an economy where I got mine, and I got it from you bub.

Adult Dodge Ball Edit

Support our country, go out and join and join an adult Dodge Ball League, and don't forget to hit everyone else repeatedly and hard.

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