A tactic used by children who suddenly realize they may lose the game they are currently playing. Few children accept the call for "do-over" strategy as it is too childish even for them.

Modern ApplicationsEdit


In computers, do-over might better be known as the "Undo" function, which allows the user to "do-over" their previous command without losing any information or otherwise damage an open project.


American football referees have the "instant replay". While the referees do not necessarily agree with the implementation of the "instant replay" certain of the coaches feel the game cannot be played without this quasi-do-over.

Other famous do-overs in sports:

  • Tonya Harding's laces
  • University of Colorado's 5th down versus Missouri in 1990
  • Al Davis


The most famous do-over was the Florida recount in 2000 and the Ohio recount in 2004. It was as if liberals didn't hear The Supreme Court the first time.

Republicans always work within the law.

Republicans have never used the do-over.


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