The word dittohead can be ultimately attributed to Stephen Colbert. Largely associated with Rush Limbaugh, this word was stolen from Colbert's earliest writings. Through truthyful hindsight, we can see how Limbaugh, who let's face it, could never in his whole life have written a phrase of such powerful sentiment himself, could acquire such a word. The legal explanations are facty, boring and certainly not complex enough for a person of Colbert's caliber to contemplate. The events unfolded thusly, embedded on a news assignment in the Persian Gulf, where Colbert, being escorted by a platoon of army rangers, was set upon by live enemy fire. The bullets, whizzed through the air, and cut many of the brave soldiers down, among the casualties was every field officer present at the time. The soldiers, not knowing what to do next looked to Colbert for leadership. The soldiers saw in Colbert, a salty fighting man. They took Colbert's orders gladly in their last ditch effort to save their expendable lives. I can tell you that on that day, many enemy combatants knew what it was to be devoured by the the keen fighting force born of Colbert's hard bitten tactics. On his triumphant return to the states, Colbert was greeted at the airport by fanfare and spectacle. Colbert graciously signed autographs for the hungry throngs of fans. Among these fans was a fresh faced Limbaugh, who saw, as Colbert passed, an exposed notebook peaking suggestively from Colbert's designer shoulder bag. One word stood out among the rest. That word was Dittohead. Colbert originally used this word to describe those brave fighting soldiers who, however briefly, looked to Stephen for survival. Limbaugh, like many others before him, and even more after, stole the word from Colbert and used it to refer to his own fans, of a then small, ridiculed, and categorized by those at the time as insignifigant AM radio show. Colbert has never pursued the issue. After all, to Stephen, words and events like these are common, and do little to tarnish such a polished image of exemplary achievement.


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