The cover of Disraeli Gears, featuring (from left) Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Benjamin Disraeli, and Steve Carell (younger and also probably wearing a wig). The colors represent Disraeli's brain...Disraeli's gears, to be exact.

Disraeli Gears is a Cream album inspired, produced, and released by Judeo-British veteran politician Benjamin Disraeli. It is about his gears - Disraeli gears, one might say. It is the best-selling album ever released in Israel, probably because it contains both "Israel" and "Israeli" in its name, though that's just a happy coincidence. Iran disagrees, though, and the album has been banned there for the next 2,473 years.

Most of the songs on Disraeli Gears were at least partly written by Mr. Disraeli, who is also responsible for the mad power chords. Stephen Colbert, soon to become the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the band Stephen and the Colberts, is rumored to have made a guest appearance on the album to perform the guitar solo in the lead single, "Sunshine of Your Love"; in fact, he may have simply invented the entire guitar part for the song, including the classic riff.

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