"Disney's California Adventure"
is one of's game-like activities
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Disney's California Adventure
brings joy to the children
of all Regular Americans.
"Disney's California Adventure"
is for the kids!

Disney's California Adventure is a theme park built by the Disney Corporation right next to Disneyland in a little-used parking lot. That's right, they built a fake California right in the middle of real California and charged people $70 to get in...and it worked!

In 2008, authorities with Disney have announced a change at the park with the introduction of a 1920's theme.

Please help Disney designers by adding what ideas and events you from the 1920's that you want included in the new, revitalized California Adventure!

New AttractionsEdit

  • ride the GREAT DEPRESSION, the worlds steepest rollercoaster!
  • ride the Grapes of Wrath truck!
  • pick your own lunch Field of fresh fruits and vegetables!

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