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"Disney Corporation"
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Disney is an evil corporation founded by Walt Disney himself. While Disney once acted as if it was strictly family friendly, the arrival of R movies about the Pirates of the Carribean have clearly disproved this theory. Walt Disney is planning to return to his throne someday, and has been frozen to preserve his evil body for all eternity. It is believed Walt Disney liked bears. It is also a proven fact that Walt Disney hated mothers of all kind.

Corporate AffiliationsEdit

Disney is closely affiliated with the McDonalds corporation, and will someday work with them and Wal-Mart to take over the world. Early in life, Disney developed a mouse fetish, which grew into a megalomania of child domination with cartoon characters.

Stephen's JudgementEdit

Currently, Stephen Colbert is raising an anti-Disney alliance which will eventually strike "with all the force of a great typhoon." Join him to crush this evil liberalist movement.

Bears in Disney ProductsEdit


For years Disney has shoved their anti-Mother agenda on America's children secretly inserting it into their movies, TV shows, books, cartoons, underwear products, cereals, toys, video games, personal vibrating massage devices, dinnerware, and other merchandising products.

Affected YouthEdit

There are even effects that Disney is having on the youth of America. Thanks to Disney the youth of America will think that life is some sort of poorley acted, written comedy with some sort of crazy twist and to find a joke that you can say to your friends without your friends calling you gay is like waiting for the Olsen Twins to show up at an all you can eat buffet.

Some examples:

  • Bambi. Bambis mother is killed by hunters. Various photos show her stuffed head in Disney's office.
  • Snow White. Snow White is motherless and therefore her mother is also dead.
  • Beauty and the Beast . Belle lives at home with her father and no mother. so, her mother is dead or a pretzel seller at Disneyland.
  • Cinderella. Cinderella is motherless, lives at home with evil step-mother.
  • Enchanted. None of the females have a mother.

All these missing mothers are proof that Disney hates mothers. Damn mother haters!

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