Dirty Hippy Liberals are a most vile subculture of man intent on the downfall of the United States of America. They are a group noted for their insatiable appetite for marijuana and their Commie-like hatred of our great Country and our President.

History Edit

Dirty Hippy Liberals were created by the forces of evil in the late 1960s to combat Democracy in the United States. They began as a loosely knit coalition of dope smoking slackers united by a passion for freeloading and unspeakable immoral sex acts.

Modern Day Edit

Once thought to be nearly extinct, Dirty Hippy Liberals are now thriving in the underbelly of American culture, and also in the halls of Congress. Several Dirty Hippy Liberals have risen in stature in recent times, and though they may cover their unshaven bear-like bodies with a sport coat or $1,000 pant-suit, they are no less dangerous.

Habitat Edit

The modern Dirty Hippy Liberal can be found on college campuses throughout the nation, both in the form of student activists and in that of the tweed clothed tenured professor. Jam band festivals are a favorite gathering place of Dirty Hippy Liberals, where an endless supply of mind altering substances are available to fuel their leftist rage. They can also be found in Congress where they use America's liberal media outlets to attack and criticize our President and further their pro-gay agenda.

Notable Dirty Hippy Liberals Edit

Dirty Hippy Liberals in the news today include:

See Also Edit

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