Dijon Mustard was a Word of the day on May 8, 2009.
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Dijon Mustard-nejad is a terrorist.
Dijon Mustard
est trop Français
veuillez l'éditer pour le rendre plus vrai dans les tripes
Al Franken
Dijon Mustard has earned

Dijon mustard is a condiment that the dirty socialist French invented to feed their godless elitists. It was a vulgar attempt at overthrowing the all-American Ketchup from America's tables!

Dijon mustard

Even the condiments have turned into elitist socialists!

History of DijonEdit

Grey Poupon: Satan’s favorite brand

It is believed that elitist socialist Frenchies were tired of eating their baguette and their "french fries" with the All American Ketchup. In 1856 socialist atheist bears decided it was time for the French to invent a new condiment to rival that of America's, so they approached Dijon, a known French wizard and alchemist who could conjure evil concoctions in his evil "sciency" laboratory.

The French Labcoat Larry used a combination of Baby Jesus' tears, gay pixie dust, elitist hair, French wine, and mustard seeds from Iran to create this evil condiment from hell (some speculate it could also contain Satan's spit, but we think that's just to add some flavor). The result was the evil condiment known as Dijon and it is believed that whoever eats this evil condiment with their burger will turn atheist, socialist, and gay in a minute... plus it's too vinegary for my taste...

Who likes Dijon mustard?Edit

Dijon Mustard
Are of their father the Devil!
Dijon Mustard are heretical
and make The Baby Jesus jealous!
May they rot in the fires of his judgement!

Many Atheists, liberals, communists, the gays, and other "undesirables" have known to have preference over this godless condiment, but the infamy of Dijon mustard has grown thanks to Chairman Barack Hussein Obama. When news broke that the mooslim leader preferred Dijon mustard on his hamburger, this American symbol of freedom and American culture was suddenly turn into a sissified lunch, the heresy!!

Obama in Hell getting a burger… What? MacDonald’s too fancy for you?…

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