Did You Know is public service that provides for its readers, free of charge, in order to promote a general atmosphere of knowy truthiness on the interweb. Every few days or so (sometimes less), the Main Page of will feature new "Did You Know" informatiods in the top right corner so that you may did know!'s Did You KnownsEdit

  • Once all laws are changed to allow for competition for all government contracts, every American can be a part of Enron's success!
  • Your dad's job should be raising a child who doesn't beg for handouts?
  • Tek Jansen has obviously had hundreds of girlfriends?
  • There are currently at least 11 ongoing Wars in the United States right this very minute?
  • Threat #.5 is Bears?!?!?!
  • You can support's ongoing efforts to bring attention to the Events of 4/1 by voting in this poll! More details here.
  • A healthy school lunch is balanced with 4 vegetables?
  • Neil Cavuto knows everything about the economy and how the freemarket rolls?
  • Alberto Gonzales is "not clear" on whether his parents came to the United States legally, but we trust his smiling face anyway

Anniversary Style!Edit

Special Anniversary Edition
StephenHeadSmallStephen Colbert coined the term "wikiality"?!
StephenHeadSmall The elephant population has tripled on Wikip*dia  ?!
StephenHeadSmallCultist attempts to silence the truthiness resulted in the birth of!

Get WristStrong!Edit

A Very Special WristStrong Edition of DidYouKnowEdwardian2
StephenHeadSmall You can support wrist awareness with your very own WristStrong Bracelet?!
StephenHeadSmall You can visit the eBay to place a bid on Stephen Colbert's very own celebrity-signature-encrusted wrist cast?!
StephenHeadSmall All the proceeds from the WristStrong Campaign will help support injured members of Our Troops and their families through the Yellow Ribbon Fund?!

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