Dick Cheney's Secret CIA Death Squad

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"Dick Cheney's Secret CIA Death Squad"
is one of's game-like activities
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Dick Cheney's Secret CIA Death Squad
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.

According to the librul media, The Greatest Vice President Ever ran a secret group of CIA agents for 8 years!

They would have continued to protect America is it wasn't for the meddling New York Times!

In the following section you will see a list of the many ways this group of patriotic Americans worked to protect our freedoms from terrorists.


  • adjusted the terror alert colors to reflect a more accurate political calculus

How The Group Maintained Its SecrecyEdit

  • they only met in Cheney's undisclosed location
  • none of the members cast shadows
  • their budget is bigger than DARPA's
  • the NSA didn't wiretap their phones

Oh No!
Dick Cheney's Secret CIA Death Squad
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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