"Devil's Own"
Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds

For software activation, the "Devil's Own" keys refer to any keys that originate from internal use. "Corporate edition" keys are keys that can be used to unlock the software multiple times for corporate environment which needed the software on every machine. Keys are bought from the software developer and they grant the permission to install the software and use whatever parts the key unlocks. Great care are put into keeping the keys secret, because if everyone can use the software without paying, no-one will develop new software. Winning economies require copyright laws to protect software in order to preserve our way of life as a capitalist democracy.

Rumors of the "Devil's Own" is just that--a rumor. Huge resource are spent by companies like Microsoft to dispel rumors of possible "Devil's Own" Windows XP. Question anyone who claim to distribute the "Devil's Own" Windows XP, because they may be hackers trying to trick you into doing something bad on your computer. Quietly report anyone who are distributing such keys to the authorities. 2 months before Windows XP actual release, some hacker group claimed to have stolen a "Devil's Own" key for Windows XP.

Young pranksters, as it turns out, are spreading false rumors and trying to get people to click on their links. X-rated shock materials are what you will get if you are dumb enough to fall for it. Reality check: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Kids like that really need to grow up. They need real discipline.

808 million million million million million million possible combination existed for a 25 length key with 36 possible characters. There is no way that keys can be so easily found. God knows how long it would take to try every one. 6 thousand million users would require several thousand million keys. What are the chances that one can find one of several thousand million combination from over 800 million million million million million million?

2 million keys a second would take someone over million million million million years. Before which, it is perfectly safe to continue use the current key activation model for our software industry and don't even think about open source software either. 7 developed countries, only 7, use exclusively open source software for their government and they are all socialist democracy. Quickly get our government to support our software industry by buying American and contract out more of government developed software to private enterprise like voting machines. 80% of the software used by the American government is private proprietary software and we must get our politicians to privatize them to 100% in order to build a better capitalist democracy.

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