We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!
We've got spirit, how 'bout
Detroit Lions!?!
Dead bear
Detroit Lions
is a member of the Bear Hunters of America.
Be Scared, Bears.

Detroit Lions
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Detroit Lions Logo

City Detroit
Super Bowls None, but 2011-12?
Championships 4
Coach Jim Schwartz
Reason they exist despite their suckage Scientists are still trying to figure that one out.
Colors Honolulu blue and silver
Random fact #1 If Henry Ford were to come back to life, he would punish and then shunn his decendants for purchasing the Detroit Lions.
Randomness SUUUHHHH!!!!
Random fact #2 Kyle Vanden Bosch wears red contacts when he plays. He tries to look intimidating, but it is very hard when wearing Honolulu blue.

The Detroit Lions used to be among the worst teams in the NFL. Sadly, it's no joke. Seriously, I'm not kidding. The management has done quite a bit to turn it around so they didn't end up in the NFL hall of fame as the absolute most embarassing team ever to play in the NFL, like ever. They used to be led by a horribly incompetnet president, Matt Millen. Under his leadership they didn't look to improve in the future as they probably would've continued to discard high draft picks (3 of past four top ten picks out of league already) and spend ridiculous sums of money money on low end QB's. The only accomplishment given to the Lions is once having Barry Sanders, but even he quit once he saw how bad the rest of the team was.

Currently their best player is Ndamukong Suh..a bad ass Defensive Tackle. He is 307 lbs of pure muscle, and steel. No bones needed. Apparently Suh is also the emergency Place Kicker.

Ndamukong-suh-detroit-lions-b9bf20ce96eec59a large-1-

Here Suh is seen coming to kill a worthless Browns QB. He seems smaller than the QB but he is 10 yards back from him.

They also have Kyle Vanden bosch and Jahvid Best. Vanden Bosch is a RE and Best is an bad ass RB.

People who are Immune to the Curse of the Honolulu BlueEdit

These are the people who have proven to be immune to the Curse that once was.

  • Barry Sanders
  • Ndamukong Suh
  • Calvin Johnson
  • Barry Sanders
  • Jason Hanson
  • Barry Sanders
  • No punter that they've ever had since the punter is the most used Lions player every game.
  • Did I mention Jason Hanson?
  • Nick Fairley
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch
  • Coach Jim Schwartz
  • Barry Sanders
  • Billy Sims (until his career was ended by paralasys..take it to mean whatever you want)
  • also Jason Hanson

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