If you don't already have a
Designer Fragrance
your parents never loved you!

When a person has become famous enough, something is named after them. A sandwich, a building, a crime, all these things have been named for famous people.

However, if you are on a level of your own something special must be created to truly capture one's essence.

For the people who Stephen Colbert calls "his base", a fragrance is designed. These special scents are called "designer fragrances" so named because they smell and they were designed.

Many celebrities have designer fragrances:

But, many more people deserve to have their very own designer fragrance.

Please post the fragrances you would design and for which famous person.

New FragrancesEdit

  • Eau d'Blitzer
  • sweat de la cavuto
  • White Falafels
  • Old Geraldo
  • Gibson Musk
  • Coulter du Toilette
  • Fresh Hume
  • Parfum la Hannity
  • Foley Passion for boys
  • Jesus' Juice
  • The Brown-colored Liquid That Doesn't Smell Like Steve Doocey
  • Limbaucontin
  • Obsession, by Lisa Novak
  • Bill Frist's Olde Fashioned Medicinal Snake Oil
  • Old Spicegirl
  • Lou Dobbs Mexican Lotion
  • Colonel Sanders

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