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Des Moines, Iowa
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Des Moines, Iowa
Mayor: Shawn Johnson
City Motto: Bearism is gay
Nickname: The Gymnastics State
Theme Song: "Give It Away" by George Strait
Population: 900,000
Standard MPH: 20 Mph
Principal industries: Gymnast training
Fun Fact # 1: Is where Hummers are made
Fun Fact # 2: Is the most common city to fly over

Des Moines, Iowa HistoryEdit

Watch the The History Channel

Des Moines, Iowa TodayEdit

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In Des Moines, IowaEdit

  • Chinatown
  • Bosniantown (Waukee)
  • Crankho Heights (South Side)
  • Oneupsmanville (Ankeny)
  • Homo Heights (Sherman Hill)

Des Moines, Iowa LandmarksEdit

Des Moines, Iowa FestivalsEdit

  • The Running Of the Jew (as if they would eva run! really, girl?)

Famous People From Des Moines, IowaEdit

A Typical Day In Des Moines, IowaEdit

Fist you wake up then you take a Shower eat Aunt Jemima's pancakes, go to work or school, Gymnastics training, go home and sleep.

Strange Laws in Des Moines, IowaEdit

  • People over 70 years old can't drive.
  • Old People need to have a license to drink Alcohol

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