Derrick Pitts
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Derrick Pitts is the chief Astronomer of The Franklin Observatory (a giant telescope and earmark)

March 30, 2009 NailingEdit

  • is an astronomer curated an exhibit on Galileo, Stephen will torture him until he recants
  • Dr. Colbert is a taurus
    • Pitts predicts bad things
  • the moon will align with Mars
  • knows Chaka Fattah
  • believes NASA has to figure it out
    • and that it's a great idea
  • heretic, tried to undermine the word of God
  • only accused of heresy
    • didn't want the Church to reject Copernican solar system
  • the Bible proves Galileo is wrong
  • when you go outside and see the sun moving, that is empirical evidence
  • what did galileo do that was so great
    • used the telescope
  • Pitts brought a replica of
  • touch it with gloves on, to keep the heresy from getting on him
  • could see Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and Venus
  • saw 4 moons of Jupiter
  • the gloves inspired
  • the Church forgave Galileo in 1992
    • overwhelming proof
    • only took 400 years
  • if Stephen doesn't accept it, he out-Popes the Pope
  • if Stephen accepts only the physical rules that he wants, does that make him a narcissist?
    • moves him closer to being the supreme ruler of the universe

External TubeEdit

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