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Dennis Miller agrees with Rush,
No Quantity of Dead or Injured Soldiers is sufficient; No exit strategy is necessary.
Dennis Miller
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Dennis Miller
is a Truthiness Crusader!

Dennis Miller is a comedian, born-again Republican, and the original inspiration for the bobble-head doll.

Miller found fame on the New York comedy scene, but lost his old sense of humor after 9/11. Because of Despite Miller's fateful accident, he is an ardent supporter of the greatest President ever, George W. Bush.

When he isn't praying in his breath-taking shrine to his neo-Con Trinity (George Allen, Rush Limbaugh, and George W. Bush) he can be found on FOX News, where he entertains often on Bill O'Reilly's show.


A rare picture of Dennis Miller before the special effects wizards scale down his enormous head

Things Dennis Miller LovesEdit

Things Dennis Miller HatesEdit

Dennis Miller Fractoids Edit

  • Dennis Miller's favorite kind of hot dog is a Barney Frank
  • Dennis Miller was a latchkey kid growing up
  • Dennis Miller wears an invisible neck brace to support his massive cranium
  • Dennis Miller has small hands... very small hands
  • Dennis Miller was able to get a few seconds on The Half Hour News Hour
  • Dennis Miller is going to work for FOX

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