is a friend of the British Economy that brings Wealth and Prosperity to Capitalist Nations
The Free Market
American Investors thanks you, Denmark
Josh purse medium
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.
Stephen lego

Finally, an AMERICAN use for a Danish product.

The only thing not rotten in Denmark is capitalist hero Lars Ulrich (the drummer in Metallica) who single handedly put a stop to internet piracy. He was already filthy rich but he still found the strength and energy to fight for what was right

Denmark is also known for its amusing cartoons. It is a hated rival of Canada, a heated relationship that has built up over the ownership of tiny islands believed to contain diamonds, oil, and gold.

Due to the shortage of suitable softwood, LEGOS are the official national building material for home construction. Termites are extinct in Denmark.

The official foods of Denmark are butter cookies served in obnoxiously large round tins and danishes. This has caused great confusion, as people eating the Danish have found to their shock and horror that they have eaten actual Danish people. The Great Cannibal Carnival of 1867, which took place in the capital of Copenhagen, has been dramatized in such works as Resident Evil, Shaun of the Dead, and Brokeback Mountain.

Denmark is not to be mistaken with that stain on your den's wall that occurred when you were playing with your girlfriend, though one can see why you would make that mistake, that stain is America.

Real Danish vikings were dragged in with American Imperial Forces in the liberation of Iraq.


Denmark, is devoid of true politics, it is run on a basis of 'What's yours is yours because we can't invent another tax to get hold of it quite yet'.


Denmark has one of the worlds best healthcare systems, residents, and nationals have free access to all healthcare (except dentistry).

Visitors have immediate and free emergency treatment, subsequent care must be paid for either by insurance, on under a European wide Health Care Card, available free for European residents.

Driving and Road TransportEdit

Use of indicators is reserved for the last two seconds before turning at a junction, after having come to a sudden un-announced halt for no obvious reason.

Motor vehicles are required to use lights at all times.

Cyclists own the road, use no lights, signals, indicating of intended direction, will not look to see if it is safe to join, leave or cross, a carriageway - a specialty being cycling on a narrow main highway, when adjacent to it is a newly built segregated cycle lane. Additional note for cyclists, the wearing of Lycra, give free pass for any regulations that may possibly apply to cycling, on the off chance that there are any. (this is fairly standard throughout the world, but is taken seriously in Denmark)

Humanitarian StandpointEdit

Danes in general are very sympathetic to the unfortunate people of the wold indoctrinated into poor social brainwashing, and political manipulation of societal values, hence their support for the United States of America.

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