Denis Dutton
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

January 28, 2009 NailingEdit

  • appreciation of art is a product of evolution; it must be true because monkeys could paint most of that stuff
  • "The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure And Human Evolution"
  • evolution is a fraud
    • undermine our belief in an all-knowing, all-loving God
  • how does art help us survive in Darwinian
  • imaginative abilities
  • many cavemen were reading "Emma"
    • using their imaginations to tell stories
    • invent fictions
  • Stephen accused him of inventing a complicated history
  • cave paintings are wildly sophisticated stick figures
    • because they're French, wearing woolly mammoth beret
  • he talked in metaphors
  • throws out conceptual arts
    • prefers "calendar" art
  • art is a tool for profligating
    • everyone is doing art to get laid
  • humor, charm, wit
  • there is a chance that Stephen is art
  • his wife instructed him not to flatter Stephen

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