Al Franken
Democratic National Committee has earned

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is comprised of unelected liberals who vow to destroy America. They work in the notorious Richard Daley Smoking Backroom to make decisions that represent no one but their own filthy, filthy greedy selves. Therefore they do not deserve praise and a pat on the back for being the non-heroes of the day that they are.

Latte macchiato

The DNC is comprised entirely of Latte Liberals...slurp!

The DNC is made up entirely of Latte Liberals. Starbucks is happy to have them!

Recent Decisions Made By The DNCEdit

  • "Americas fucked up...lets change it"
  • "Fuck you Michigan and Florida"! "Let's see how well you vote after we hobble your votes! Muahahahahahahahahah!"

Historic Decisions Made By The DNCEdit

  • "Americas fucked up...lets change it"

Committees Within The CommitteeEdit

  • Rules and Bylaws Committee--decide who will run for the party
  • The committee to change America to better suit the DNC's opinions and not America by not upholding honesty, integrity and leading by exampleness

DNC Goals Edit

First we cut your votes in half.....then we cut those in half again.....we keep doing this till we can chose the president without votes! Muahahahahahahahah!!!"

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