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Demetri Martin
was a correspondent for "The Daily Show"

Demetri Martin was a correspondent on The Daily Show. He is serious and important.

In truthiness, he is important enough for the Jews at Comedy Central to give him his own show, tentatively entitled: "Important Things With Demetri Martin"[1]



Early LifeEdit

Martin went to Yale and then New York University School of Law on a full football scholarship. That's right. He Plays Football. After a little while, he got tired of the liberal elitism of college and quit.

A Young PunditEdit

After quitting college, Martin went on to do a comedy central special. He was noticed by John Stewart as a young person. He was asked to become their Youth Correspondent. He said yes, and the rest is history.

In October 2007, Demetri Martin was given a Wriststrong bracelet. However, he was unaware of the concept of this bracelet and accepted it after some explanation. His justification for such ignorance was that he "does not have time to watch TV." Poor guy. LETS GIVE HIM A BAILOUT SO HE CAN HAVE MORE TIME TO WATCH THE COLBERT REPORT!!!!!!!!

Important thingsEdit

In 2009, Martin decided to leave The Daily Show just like Stephen Colbert did in 2005. He is now his own newsman, and he finally has the ability to talk about real important things. Like Lines or power. He also owns a cat.

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