The Baby Jesus doesn't like
She's just a false goddess
but she's always making moves on The Baby Jesus' Daddy!
The Rosarita Woman


Demeter (full name: Demeter Monsanto Ceres Tyson Del Monte) is the greek-mexican goddess of Agricultural Industry, Corporate Farming, Frankenfood, Farm Subsidies, Soda and Fast Food. Her husband is Ronald McDonald (RIP) Jack in The Box (RIP) The Burger King (Still Alive for now). Besides being a foreigner and an illegal alien, she is the CEO of major food productions and industries, as well as agricultural corporations... so she is stealing the job that an American CEO could do!

Contrary to popular belief she is not a Feminazi... worst, she is a man eater!

Demeter as CEO of MonsantoEdit



Demeter's Secret Life as an Illegal Alien Her Successful Career as a Corporate CEO and Republican Contributor!Edit

Mexican Woman

Demeter when she is not wearing her CEO work-suit

As you can see, the evidence clearly demonstrates that she is an illegal alien! We must deport her inm... Due to the sudden yet mysterious contribution of millions of dollars to the Republican Party, we have decided to drop the issue... I mean, I am sure she learned her lesson!

Demeter Invents Corn Syrup!Edit

Her Bright Idea for Genetically Modified Foods: America Gets Fatter Thus Avoiding Future Famine!!Edit

External TubesEdit

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